Miami Beach Senior High School


F I N E   A R T S   D E P A R T M E N T

Ms Lesley Gent • Dept Chair

Chorus, Keyboard & Vocal Ensemble • Ext 2322
Ms Carmen Junquera-Diez • Photography
 Ms Annie Loffredo • Drama
Mr Nicolas Mastrovito • Guitar & Sound Engineering
Mr Michael "Mac" McNamee • Rock Ensemble & Auditorium Stage Crew 
• Ext 2311 & 2316
Ms Erin Money • 2D Art - 3D Sculpture - AP Drawing
Ms Elizabeth "Chichi" Pierce • Film & Television Production
Mr Russ Rywell • Debate
Ms Monica Serrano • Band, Concert Band & Jazz Band
Room 320 • Ext 2320
Mr Elijah Thomas • Marching Band
Mr Thomas Virgin • 2D Art - 3D Sculpture - AP Drawing

Clark Douglas Burris
Guitar, Sound Engineering, Rock Ensemble
Doug Burris
 M.A., University of Miami
 Miami Beach Senior High faculty member - 1971~2012 
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