Miami Beach Senior High School

Welcome to Miami Beach Senior High School and the English course. This class will help prepare you for the upper division courses that you will encounter. Further, it will assist in preparing you for International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement curriculum in the 11th and 12th grade, dual enrollment, or any advanced study you choose to pursue. Critical thinking, expression and understanding are expected from students in preparation for the advanced level courses and this course is set to focus on these key elements. Further, you will work to improve your expressive and argumentative writing, strategic reading, thinking, listening, oral presentations, and study skills. Additionally, you will do in-depth, critical studies of literature and nonfiction as well as learn new vocabulary, information competency, and technology skills. Lastly, each student will complete a major argument research paper.

Course Objective: This course is designed for advanced-level college prep learners. In this course, you will participate in a challenging study of MLA research and writing with a concentration on technical writing, conventions of grammar and usage, reading and interpreting a variety of literary genres using critical thinking strategies, speaking and listening activities, and vocabulary. The integration of technology will play a role in instructional delivery and student performance. 

Course Essential Questions

1. How does writing serve as an important tool of communication?

2. How does purpose affect writing?

3. What is literature?

4. How does literature help us understand ourselves and others?

5. How does literature reflect the human condition?

6. How does literature reflect universal themes?

7. Explain what it means to be human?

8. Contrast being right with having a right. (or) What are human rights?

9. When you determine what is right, what do you do? (or) Judge why it is important to defend one’s right, and/or the rights of others?

10. How do we determine if a work of literature has merit? (or) How does literature reflect the human condition? (or) How does literature reflect universal themes?

BYOD: Learners must bring their devices charged at 80% or more each class. Learners will utilize these devices to access their textbooks online (there will no longer be a physical textbook). Also, learners must sign-up for all sites presented in the physical syllabus, i.e. All site codes and enrollment password information is there for you to register. 
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