Miami Beach Senior High School

Social Studies

Social Studies investigates the history and psychology of the human. Here at Miami Beach Senior High, we have a diverse curriculum of Social Studies offerings ranging from examining ancient civilizations in World History to understanding our minds and those of others work in Psychology.
The Social Studies Department at Miami Beach Senior High wishes to inform parents and students of the variety of classes available.  The required World History (9th grade), United States History (11th grade) and United  Government / Economics with Financial Literacy (12th grade) classes are offered at two (2) levels; Regular and Honors.  The Social Studies Department also offers Miami Beach Senior High's widest variety of Advanced Placement classes.


We also offer the following elective social studies classes:
 Law StudiesAP  Psychology Dual Enrollment Sociology
 AP World HistoryIB Psychology IB History of the Americas
 AP Human Geography AP U.S. Government Dual Enrollment U.S. History
 AP European History AP European History AP Macroeconomics
 Destinations Geography (AOHT) AP Human Geography AP US History


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