Miami Beach Senior High School

Advanced Placement Art History Summer Assignment 2014-2015

Instructor- Ms. Carro

Welcome to OUR Art History class. I’m really excited about the changes in the course this year and feel it will be a fun, invigorating and mind opening thrill ride.

For your assignment this year, you will be looking up the 11 MUST KNOW PAINTINGS for this year.

   I will give you the title; you will do all of the following and be ready to discuss them in    class:

1     print the piece of art in color

      date, place and art period

3.          name the artist and style

4.         something important about the artist or architect

5.           meaning or importance of work

6.           Your opinion of the piece.

   Titles and artist:

`     The Pyramids in Egypt

2.           The Pantheon Rome

3.           Nike of Samothrace Greece

4.           Notre Dame

5.           The Mona Lisa

6.           Les Demoiselles d’Avignon

7.           Gold Marilyn Monroe

8.           Impression: Sunrise

9.             Rebellious Silence

1     The Calling of St Matthew

T     The Utrecht Psalter Carolingian



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