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 Industry Certifications


Industry certifications is the way to show that are students have mastery in software/hardware to show college, universities and employers their skills in the popular software. The certifications are acknowledge to all colleges and universities as well as the employers. Students can achieve in Microsoft as a Specialist passing three Microsoft Office Certifications. Students achieving Masters must have their Specialist Certification and include Word Expert and Excel Expert Levels. Congratulations to all that pass the Industry Certifications!
 MOS Specialist

Microsoft Office Masters

  • Mynor Figueroa Furlan
  • Carlos Sanchez

 MOS Specialist

  •  Kamila Etcheverry
  • Alexander Feliz
  • Cynthia Fernandez
  • Eduardo Fernandez
  • Ligia Filgueiras
  • Lucas Giribaldi
  • Jordan Grear
  • Christian Herrera Vazquez
  • Spencer Kawachika
  • Nicolas Kindrat
  • Nathan Lerner
  • Oscar Martinez
  • Navarro Ollikainen
  • Gabriela Perez
  • Nelsis Rojas
  • Toma Tomov
  • Edgar Torres

Microsoft Office Specialist

  • O'Maree Adderly
  • Jeremy Aleman
  • Brian Alvarado
  • Ana Angulo
  • Juan Aragon
  • Robert Berryman
  • Adrian Cuesta
  • Jordan Ellison
  • Juan Espinal
  • Tomas Galeano
  • Kevin Gold
  • Marilyn  Hurtado
  • Alexander Issa
  • Harrison Lerner
  • Francisco Molina
  • David Navarro
  • Santiago Paez
  • Matias Rincon
  • Ari St.Fleur  
  • Jordan Wolday
Students with MOS Certifications for the past year.
 Adobe Associate
Adobe Certifications
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