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Welcome to ENL 2012 / ENL 2022






    By Thomas C. Foster- How to Read Literature Like a Professor: A Lively and Entertaining Guide to Reading Between the Line (1st Edition) Paperback – March 5, 2003







    White Teeth: A Novel Paperback – June 12, 2001


    ENL 2012/ENL 2022

    Survey of British Literature I and II



    Welcome to your year of college English!


    Please note: This is a demanding class, both in terms of the literature on which we will focus and the time you will need to devote to understanding and writing about it. A high level of commitment and responsibility are mandatory. You can expect multiple projects and essays and hefty reading assignments. In addition, you will be expected to participate regularly in discussions, both in class and electronically, and in-class exercises. Success in this college-level class is going to require serious work and a willingness to meet deadlines.


    The payoff? Not only will you graduate from high school with the ability to tackle any kind of essay assignment in any college class, but, after the successful completion of this class with a grade of C or better each semester, you will have earned six college credits.




    The groundwork for Dual Enrollment English–the foundation–is the Summer Reading Assignment. Here you will begin learning to read literature critically. Reading critically is a little like becoming a detective, examining texts for clues that add to their significance and meaning. Think of this summer assignment as a warm-up exercise.

    You are required, first of all, to acquire How to Read Literature like a Professor by Thomas C. Foster. Foster’s book will provide you with a sufficient groundwork to begin looking at literature from a more mature, scholarly standpoint. Designed to provide a sort of boot camp introduction to the art of academic reading and text analysis, this book will equip you with a range of strategies by which you can gain insight into, and a greater appreciation for, the novels, stories, poems, plays, and essays we will read this coming year.


    After you have read How to Read Literature Like a Professor, you will need to obtain and White Teeth taking note of Foster’s book as you are reading.


    Your assignment (described below) is due on the first day of class. Have your completed and neatly typed Foster outline and your annotated novel with you in class on the first day.


    FOR How to Read Literature Like a Professor:

    As you read How to Read Literature, make a list of the most important 3 to 5 points made by Foster in each
    chapter. Label each section with its chapter name, and try to capture the bottom line/what is the lesson Foster
    wants readers to take from this chapter? You will turn this outline in on the first day of school as proof of effort,
    but you will also use it to support further writing in class. Make sure it is useful for both purposes.


    FOR White Teeth:

    As you read, mark the book up. Explore, question, connect, trace patterns and capture your reactions. You may do this in the work itself, or on sticky notes attached to the pages. For this assignment, do not use an electronic version of your book. You will need to turn in your annotated version, so if you are working from a borrowed book, make sure you will have it the first week of school with any notes properly placed.

    While you are reading, keep post-it notes or page markers of some kind and a pen, pencil, or highlighter close at hand. Using these tools will help you to read actively and critically, to have a meaningful conversation with the text, and to remember your ideas (the better to write about them!). Reading actively and keeping track of your ideas will also make you a brilliant contributor to in-class discussions. This assignment will count as large portion of your first semester grade. Failure to complete this assignment will negatively impact your first semester grade and will cast aspersions on your scholarship and dedication.






    Be prepared to apply several of Foster’s lessons to the content and style of the literary work you are to read this summer. You will be tasked with an in-class writing assignment the first week of school to demonstrate your depth of understanding of both Foster and the novel you read.


    Please feel free to contact me by e-mail <> if you have any questions about the assignment. Good luck with your reading and writing this summer. I look forward to getting to know you as a writer and as a person in the coming year!



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